Artist Profile: Jo Bertini

Image Supplied By: Images: Courtesy Jo Bertini
Jo Bertini

Both painter and desert explorer, Jo Bertini re-creates the immersive experience of travelling through the remote desert landscape.
Employed as an artist by Australian Desert Expeditions, her paintings reinvigorate our way of seeing the interior, distilling it into solid, sun-drenched planes of colour. Bertini says: "There are still things in our inaccessible desert regions that only the human eye can see and only the human hand can record. My role is most important to not only visually record and represent what is seen but also to record that which is unseen." Victoria Hynes for the SMH

Born into a family of artists, Bertini spent her afternoons in her mother's art classes upto her elbows in clay. Today she realises this education has provided her skills which are second nature, allowing her to explore her own territories.

After graduating from Sydney University, Jo has held numerous solo exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney. She completed Artist in Residency programs at Bundanon and Bathurst. Jo has been a guest lecturer at numerous institutions including COFA and TAFE.

Jo Bertini Work

Represented By: Arthouse Gallery, Sydney


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