Current Workshops

Abstraction in the Landscape
Jo Bertini

Abstraction in the Landscape

The workshop is designed for artists interested in landscape, both painting and drawing and those involved with the conversation about the nature of making art and different approaches to the Australian environment. It is intended as a master class to develop a visual language and a particular thinking about the genre of landscape painting.

There will be work done en situ as well as in the studio, ranging from the most basic 'drawing and painting from the source' exercises to realising visual ideas and concepts on a larger, more resolved scale. Study material will be sourced directly from the surrounding environment to be used in our experimental process.

Resource and study materials such as sketch books, drawings, photography and small scale concept studies will be used in the preliminary approach that uses each artist's intuitive, instinctive strengths as well as developing skill based techniques, so that the considered, creative experimentation achieves a unique interpretation for each individual student to then pursue with confidence.

Materials list may be downloaded. Please include study/research material (i.e. sketchbooks, drawings or landscape studies of work done 'en situ' - photos, pictures or landscape reference resources. Sketchbooks, cartridge or watercolour papers, inks, gouaches or watercolours are useful for experimentation and studies.



Location AWA Studio, Knockrow, Byron Hinterland
Date 24/25th August 2019 9.30-4pm
Cost $650.00
Level Intermediate

Andrew Antoniou

Drawing From Your Imagination

Maximise your creative potential by drawing on the wealth of your imagination and memory to form your own unique stories. In this workshop Andrew will take you through a process of visualisation exercises to create imaginative compositions of your own. Working with charcoal, you will also develop technical skill that will enhance your imagery through a greater understanding of line and tone study.

His teaching and drawing span a period of 35 years in Australia, the United Kingdom and USA. He has been a finalist in the major drawing prizes in Australia including a seven times finalist in the Dobell.

Andrew will demonstrate ways to look inwards for a more personal story by using poetry, text, music and song as starting points. It is the commitment to drawing that forms the core of ones art practice.

"Andrew's ability to put traditional approaches aside, allows a freer and more individual way of seeing and thinking which is totally liberating.  Couple this with Andrew's positive attitude, his passion for drawing and his ability to impart knowledge and you have a learning experience that will stay with you and continue to benefit long after the end of the course." - Graeme Nichols, Sturt Summer School.



Location Art Workshop Studios, Byron Hinterland
Date 14/15th September 2019 (2 days) 9.30 to 4pm
Cost $650.00
Level All levels

Cherry Hood

Painting Faces in Watercolour

The methods used are not conventional or traditional watercolour techniques.

Working from photos Cherry demonstrates how she makes her large scale watercolour paintings and will assist each participant in preparing colour, drawing the image and applying the paint. Students who wish to venture into large scale works will be encouraged to pour watery paint onto their paper - during the drying process, you will proceed on with a second painting. Large brushes are preferable to achieve quick, loose flowing marks while smaller brushes are used for detailing the facial features.

Hood gives demonstrations in drawing and painting the eyes, nose, mouth etc to help students understand and achieve the correct proportions when painting portraits and transforming a photograph into a recognisable hauting image.

Participants from all levels of experience may expect to produce at least two good paintings in the style of Cherry Hood - ie: a large human face by the end of the second day.

Cherry is represented by Tim Olsen Gallery Sydney, Arc One Melbourne, Heiser Gallery Brisbane, Paul Greenaway Adelaide and Turner Gallery Perth. Hood attained a Master of Visual Art at the Sydney College of Arts in 2000. Her thesis investigated gender politics in art and cultural mores and taboos. She is represented in major Australian Institutional and gallery collections and won the Archibald Prize in 2002.

Please view/download materials list and other requirements for workshop on booking page.



Location AWA Studios, Knockrow NSW (Byron Hinterland)
Date 28/29th September 9.30 to 4pm
Cost $650.00
Level all levels

David Fairbairn & Suzanne Archer

Two Heads Are Better Than One

A weekend Drawing workshop with Suzanne Archer and David Fairbairn will provide two different approaches to drawing the human head. The first day David will teach you an adventurous but analytical way to draw the human head. You will work from yourself using a mirror with a range of mixed media making a series of detailed preliminary studies which will prepare you for day 2.

On the second day Suzanne will work with the emotive self-portrait interpreting it with the focus on a psycholigical and holistic approach. This will involve the use of a mirror again and require an open mind regarding what is meant by self portraiture.

Suzanne Archer has exhibited regularly in Australia since 1967. Winner of many Art Awards including the Wynne Prize for Landscape Painting in 1994 and most recently the Dobell Prize for Drawing and Kedumba Drawing Award in 2010. A career survey was held in 2016 at Macquarie University Art Museum, Sydney. Her work can be seen in many Regional Galleries throughout Australia, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of New South Wales and Artbank. Suzanne is represented by Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne.

David Fairbairn is renowned for his large mixed media drawings. He was awarded the Dobell Drawing Prize in 1999, the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 2002 and more recently, the Mosman Art Prize in 2012. He was a finalist in the Archibald in 2012 and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 2013. David has exhibited extensively in Australia and is represented by Port Jackson Press Print Gallery, Melbourne.


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Location AWA Studio, Knockrow, Byron Hinterland
Date 19/20th October 2019
Cost $700.00
Level Intermediate

Landscape Fast & Loose
Tim Allen

Landscape Fast & Loose

An expressive and bold approach to the landscape tradition. Students will be developing skills to respond artically to the landscape in an immediate, powerful and spontaneous way.

Tim will demonstrate both alla prima techniques in oil and layering techniques in mixed media. Students may choose to work with one or both approaches during the workshop. The common threads will include mark making, ways of seeing and the surprising amount of planning and thinking required to make bold and expressive paintings.

In this 3 day workshop students will gain a wide range of skills to continue their own practice and have a broad range of mixed media techniques used to capture the essence of the landscape including ink, watercolour and pastel.

Students will be expected to produce a range of drawings and studies to develop into 2 or 3 larger resolved artworks by the end of the workshop.

Tim will conduct regular demonstrations of his own techniques and process during the workshop. His teaching style is enthusiastic and engaged with a focus on individual tuition and extracting the best out of every student regardless of experience.

Tim Allen is represented by Defiance Gallery, Sydney




Location AWA Studio, Knockrow, Byron Hinterland
Date 22/24th November 2019 (3 days)
Cost $790.00
Level all levels