Artist Profile: Beryl Miles

Beryl Miles

Moving from South Africa to Australia 35 years ago is where Beryl's journey began. Torn by the upheaval of emigrating, she struggled to find a 'sense of place' and where she belonged. After the first of many trips to the outback she was drawn to painting the richness of the Australian landscape and exploring the spiritual affiliation the Aboriginal artists have with the land.
The experiences however, that had shaped her life were missing. A lingering nostalgia for her homeland left her feeling bereft. It brought about a change in direction and the need to find a connection in her paintings between the indigenous peoples of South Africa and Australia.
Beryl's recent work celebrates her memories of South Africa and the interplay of cultural factors in her art by using traditional tribal patterns and motifs whilst observing colour unique to the Australian and African landscape. There is no attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead to use colour, form, memory and imagination to give meaning to her story.

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