Artist Profile: Suzanne Archer

Suzanne Archer

Michelle Perry said that Suzanne Archer was an artist at the height of her powers. She works seamlessly through painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, from smaller to installation-sized works, employing a range materials with technical mastery”.

A former winner of the Wynne landscape prize and with more than 90 solo and group exhibitions to her name, Suzanne Archer’s work has been widely acclaimed by respected arts writers including Elwyn Lynn, Christopher Allen, James Gleeson and Sebastian Smee.

Gallery Director Janet Clayton said that Wilson Street Gallery was proud to include Suzanne Archer in its group of represented artists. It is vital that collectors and art lovers continue to appreciate the work of artists who developed during that extraordinary crucible of Australian creativity in the 60’s and 70’s.”, she said. Make no mistake, the work of artists such as Suzanne Archer today can today stand proud in any international comparison, just as the work of elder Aboriginal painters continue to astound the art market.

Text courtesy of Wilson Street Galleries.

Suzanne Archer Work

Represented By: Nicholas Thompson Gallery


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