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Martin King

Burnt Creek Exhibition. The image of the burnt creek, fire and water bound together in one place name, signifies the irony of the Australian landscape, where a watercourse only carries water at the whim of the seasons and the regime of native fire can sweep through and reduce the creek bed to a scar on the terrain. The cormorant is a signal for water, flying low along the watercourse, not straying to far, reliant on wetland for survival. The tree, also reliant on water for survival stands erect, drowned by the abundance of water, the paradox of abundance and scarcity, life and death.

The images for this show were begun last year before the recent fires in Victoria. However one of the underlying meanings I wanted to embed in the work is the tragic irony of the Australian landscape is the paradox of fire and water.

The silhouettes of the denuded trees in my works is an image of a tree that has been drowned by flooding, an abundance of water. Prophetically they look like burnt trees and the title of some of the works ‘Burnt Creek Offering’ actually alludes to the irony and the inevitable in this harsh landscape, that watercourses which at times can become inundated with water can at other times provide the elements and conditions for infernos. The nature of bushfire in Australia is equally as paradoxical, where wild fire ravages the landscape merciless on plant and animal life, whilst at the same time generating the necessary conditions for re-growth and germination.

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